Flexible mini-factory for local and customized production in a container

The CassaMobile concept aims to provide local, flexible and environmentally friendly production of highly customised parts.

The production system is based on a truly modular architecture, allowing rapid adaptation to new requirements. This ‘plug & produce’ architecture includes mechanical and control system adaptation. The footprint of the CassaMobile production container is minimised to enable transportation to and deployment in areas with severely limited space, whilst minimising investment and infrastructure costs.
Increasing costs for global transportation and mass production (overproduction, stock holding, failed products, etc.), coupled with an increasing demand for customised products makes the requirement for local fabrication solutions increasingly important. Local fabrication solutions are not solely aimed at performing mass production close to the consumer, but rather providing products that are maximally adapted to customer requirements, close to the required location and at the right time.
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The CassaMobile will have an easy-to-use human-machine-interface and software for the direct manufacturing of custom designed products.

All these components will be embedded in a 20’ ISO-container.
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A pool of process modules enables many different configurations.

Modules include for Additive Manufacturing, CNC-milling, assembly and cleaning.
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A comprehensive pool of interchangeable process modules provides free configuration of the process chain to suit specific product requirements. This includes modules such as Additive Manufacturing, CNC-milling, automated assembly and cleaning which enables continuous production of one-of-a-kind products.

The CassaMobile concept is supported by an easy-to-use human-machine-interface and software for the direct manufacturing of custom designed products making the system cost-effective for end-users, operators and engineers.

All of these components are designed to be embedded within a 20’ ISO-container which can be easily transported and deployed wherever required. A comprehensive cleanliness concept allows the CassaMobile system to adapt to differing process environment requirements. If the product requires a validated production process (for medical devices for example), this can be realised within the enclosed unit – thus enabling the possibility of a local validated production system.
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